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Meet Amy Knapp

Amy KnappWhen Michigan native Amy Knapp was struggling to get her family organized after she became a full-time stay-at-home mom, she never imagined that her ideas would turn into a successful business venture.

Born in Washington, Michigan (near Detroit), Amy (Poljan) moved with her family to Chelsea, Michigan, when she was 10. After graduating from Chelsea High School (Class of '83), she attended Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She graduated from Western ('87) with a B. S. in Social Work.

For the next three years, Amy was the administrator of a residential facility for suicidal adolescent females. A full-time training position within the same organization eventually led her to the business world where she started writing and facilitating courses on sales, confrontation and, of all things, time management. In 1991, Amy left social work and joined forces with two other very talented women; together they formed Concept to Promotion, a specialty advertising company. Within 5 years, sales had exceeded a million dollars a year and Knapp was doing national and international promotions for large corporations headquartered in Michigan.

Six months after starting this business, Amy married her husband Dave. In 1993, their son Kyle was born. Being a full-time working mom presented challenges, but she was thankful for both roles. In 1995 their daughter Natalie was born and within two months was hospitalized with meningitis. "There is nothing like sleeping on a hospital couch for a week to make you re-evaluate your priorities," Amy admits. When Natalie was nine months old it became apparent that there were long term medical complications from the meningitis. Amy decided to sell out of the business and stay home with the children. "This is a decision I have never regretted," Amy quickly points out.

However, after a short time at home with the kids, Amy was disappointed with her lack of productivity. She had always been a self-starter, but she couldn?t seem to get it going at home. Frustrated with various methods of keeping track of appointments, errands, and schedules, Amy created what was soon to become Amy Knapp's Family Organizer. (See enclosed for more information about Amy Knapp's Family Organizer.)

Amy is still a stay-at-home mom; also a soccer mom as her son begins his sports activities. "Creating, marketing, and selling Amy Knapp's Family Organizer has been a wonderful diversion from the everyday activities around the house," Amy comments. "And I still find it a major tool in keeping me organized enough to meet all of my responsibilities and still enjoy life."